Ekim 8, 2021

So what are those benefits, and where exactly are they coming from?


➡️ If there’s one piece of software that has done the most to change how translators work, it’s the computer-assisted translation tool – or CAT tool, for short. CAT tools are designed to speed up the process of translation, making it easier for translators to track their work, maintain consistency and preserve the formatting and structure of the original document – and more besides.


➡️ And on the subject of web browsers – how did we ever live without search engines? Plenty of translation projects require in-depth research on a subject, or sometimes just a quick bit of fact-checking. And now all of the world’s information is instantly available to us, whenever we need it.


➡️ An industry whose entire purpose is to help businesses cross borders: that’s the translation business. No wonder it’s so important to be able to communicate quickly and effectively over large distances. Once again, this is where the internet comes in. The likes of email, cloud storage, and voice-over-IP (VoIP) telephone services mean that fast international communication is now possible at little to no cost.

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